HistoreeTees Wholesale Rates:

Are you buying for a whole gaggle of history lovers? We've got you covered. As the late great Uncle Ben once said, "With great quantity comes great savings." (Or something like that...) 

Just use any of the discount codes below to save at checkout, it's that easy. 

These orders will all have free shipping and can be any combination of designs, styles, colors, and sizes. 

5+ Items = Save 5% with discount code "WHOLESALE5

10+ Items = Save 10% with discount code "WHOLESALE10

25+ Items = Save 15% with discount code "WHOLESALE25

50+ Items = Save 25% with discount code "WHOLESALE50

100+ Items = Save 30% with discount code "WHOLESALE100

Any questions or maybe want to place an extra big order? Contact us at serviceteam@historeetees.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!